The selection and advisory committee members are responsible for choosing the Hall of Fame inductees each year. For the Charter Class (2016) , a list of over 70 candidates  were given to the committee  to study and select for nomination.  Hall of Fame candidates were divided into Local (born in Philadelphia area) and Non Local affiliated with Philadelphia by school team or club).  Each committee member was given a total of 15 votes with a minimum of 5 votes to a local candidate.  Selection committee members were also instructed to choose from a list of teams for "Outstanding  Cross Country Team".    The goal was to induct 3 local, 3 non local and 1 team to the Hall of Fame for 2016 (Charter Year).   Candidates on the list were to demonstrate outstanding careers in the sport of cross country/distance running on the road or track and be affiliated with the city of Philadelphia.  Candidates looked at were either athletes, coaches, administrators or a combination with no timeline on how far back in time the era was.   The committee also submits new candidates each year for review and addition to the selection list.

  Selection committee members are all local and either  former athletes ( All Americans, Olympians), coaches (high school, college,club), running sports writers, sports historians from the field of cross country, & distance running and are well repected in the Philadelphia area for their expertise and a good sense of Philadelphia running history. 

Hall of Fame Selection Committee

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        JOHN BURNS                            JOHN JENNINGS                            ED ULMER
                                  Dr STEVE BLASI                          DEAN LENT                                          NEIL WEYGANDT
                                 FREDI CARLIP                             ROSS MARTINSON                                            
                                 PAT DEVINE                                  MICHAEL MCGRATH                                   
                                 ERIN DONAHUE                           TOM O'HORA                           
                                 TOM DONNELLY                         GINA PROCACCIO                                              
                                 GARY FANELLI                            KEVIN QUINN                                            
                                 MIKE FANELLI                             FRED ROSENFELD               
                                 JIM FISHER                                    FRAN RIZZO
                                 STEVE GAMBESCIA                    JOSEPH RYAN
                                 PETE HEESEN                               CHUCK SHIELDS     
                                 PAUL HINES                                   DAVE THOMAS


Belmont Plateau Cross Country Hall of Fame
611 Jamestown Street
Philadelphia , Pa  19128

Dave Thomas, Founder and President